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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

This blog, kyklosphaira, was previously created as a tribute to a website posted years ago in my teenage years. It's name was derived from greek roots, kyklos meaning "circle, cycle" and sphaira meaning "globe, ball, sphere". It was a redundant word made up at a time when I first started thinking about how many things in life revolve around cycles and patterns. There was nothing really on the website at all though.

However, now that I think about it, how appropriate is the name kyklosphaira for a blog devoted to Wing Tsun Kung Fu! Cycles of chain punching. Circles in chi sau. A sphere of 3-dimensional protection (or 4D if we add time).

And so this blog begins!


Ralph said...

Good luck with your blog, Evan. I know, how hard it is, to have your thoughts take on a form, which you want to communicate to others. Hopefully it will help you to review your training, to memorize your experiences and to mark cornerstones of your advancements.
All the best ... Ralph Haenel,

kyklosphaira said...

Thanks Sifu Ralph! And so I start with a lazy cut'n'paste of a previous essay to get my creative juices flowing...