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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Training outside outside

Recently, while there was some downtime at WT Calgary, Adrian organized some training sessions in a park beside an elementary school that will remain unnamed, less we expose our “secret techniques.”

Which brings us to this posting about training outside outside! Outside meaning “outdoors”, but also meaning “apart from class.”

There is something about being mobile in the free air and open space that makes training so much more refreshing. It is a good complement to spending all day cooped up in buildings and tight spaces. (I suppose it’d be the opposite feeling if you work outdoors – you see, it’s all relative as usual!) Also, the feeling of uneven grass, ditches, and rocks cautions you to be more aware of your surroundings. After all, physical WT might be needed anywhere and anytime, although hopefully never (as opposed to the confident composure and radar of mental WT that is ideally always on). Training outdoors reminded me of how Jet Li learned to be more calm and peaceful in the villages from the movie Fearless, stopping during work to breath in and out the fresh air and absorbing nature.

As far as training outside of class, I think it’s a way to explore and harness our evolving sense of WT. Trying to take what was learned in class and seminars, and to train on our own. Sure, it might be trained differently, because of memory recall problems. If we were doing it perfectly from the start, then we wouldn’t need to attend classes, now would we?

Although each person is unique, everything should still be based upon a common foundation. However, interpretations will vary between students and at different times of your training. Haven’t you ever read a book a second or third time, and thought “Why didn’t that make sense to me before?” Each person is at a different stage of WT, and will grasp something different out of each group class. But, as long as we are working together with everyone’s opinions and ideas, it’ll all work out in the end. Then, we just go back and fine-tune things in class!

Some leaked photos from our “secret training sessions”…

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