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Friday, August 20, 2010

Four principles of ego

I have recently been hinting at a blog post about “Drills and Training Strategies”, stemmed from thoughts I have had about drills with training partners at Calgary WT, and then later being fortunate to have Sifu Gary as a training partner at the WT Vancouver Victoria Day Bonus Class.

When we train, we hope to become better (at least most people want to!). But, we will always train with a variety of partners at different skill levels. So, how do both partners become better?

Tip #1. Leave your ego at the door

If you have heard of the four principles of fighting and four principles of force, you will understand my concoction listed below.

Four principles of ego:
1. Free yourself from one’s own ego
2. Free yourself from your partner’s ego
3. If you can and must (and feel generous), use your partner’s ego against him/her
4. If the encountered ego is too great, give way and find another partner

Note: I wouldn’t suggest adding your own ego or going forward with it.

More thoughts later…


Gary said...

off the top of my head, how about ?

3. use your partners ego to encourage them, by pointing out some of their strengths in that particular drill.

4.reinforce your own enthusiasm and ego by noting how well you are working 'with' your training partner.

I really like this topic, traning is about problems and solutions, and our own and others egos are obviously the source of many problems. It is surprising that an art that is so specific about so much, has so little to say about this area.

Way to go, Evan, for brainstorming this!!

kyklosphaira said...

Good ones - thanks Gary!