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Saturday, July 27, 2013

City Wing Tsun!

New post, back dated to event date of 2013 July 27th!

Bustling crowds on 7th... 1028, 1026, aha.  Found it.  I extend my neck and gaze upwards, searching for the large banner draped across a background of bricks.  Yes this was the right place.  The cool NBA-esque logo.

A full-fledged WT gym in North America is hard to come by. How about one with 2 floors? Yes, that's right... City Wing Tsun in New York, run by Sifu Alex Richter.

Since I happened to be in NYC for a mini-vacation, I wanted to visit this famous school.

Greeted by Sifu Nicole on the 1st floor, I was then led up to the 2nd floor with the Big A$$ fan (literally!) to say hi to Sifu Alex.

I could picture 30, 40 plus bodies just sweating it out, training hard... and trying to keep cool.

We took this photo.  I promised I wouldn't use this photo to claim that I had received 100 hours of private instruction from Sifu Alex Richter.  Rather, it was truly really taken after he taught me the super-secret concepts and techniques of the 4th WT form... all within that 10 minute visit.  J/k, it was a good chat, and I got some tips about good eats in NYC too!

The next time I'm in NYC, I hope to actually train and visit group classes, and have some non-imaginary private instruction.

If you ever have a chance to visit City Wing Tsun and do some training, I'd be jealous!

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